Run River North Performs at the Troubadour


On Monday March 3, Run River North (formerly known as Monsters Calling Home) performed live at the Troubadour. The show sold-out once again for the second time. The Prowling Kind, a band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, opened up for Run River North, and indeed the music from both bands were amazing.

Run River North is made up of six Korean-Americans Alex Hwang, Daniel Chae, Jennifer Rim, Joseph Chun, John Chong and Sally Kim. The band first entered my radar when they performed at the 2011 Kollaboration Los Angeles show held at the Nokia Theater. While they were not the winners of the show, their sound was hard to forget. From then, the band has done very well for themselves and made impressive accomplishments from going on tour and opening for Anberlin, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, being picked up by label company Nettwerk Music Group to releasing their debut album!

I remember a few months after the show, I still could not forget their band and was constantly waiting to hear more news and music from them. At the time, I was also part of a student organization on campus, planning a panelist event inviting local artists to speak about how their identities affected their work. I decided to give it a shot and email the band to invite them to speak at the event. Their enthusiasm and amicable personality showed through their reply as they said yes to the invitation to not only speak at the event, but to also perform a few songs.

Since then, I have seen them in a few shows around Los Angeles and even once in London, Canada! Why I love them goes beyond their voice (and let me just add, their voices and sounds are mesmerizing live—it’s hard to deny they get the audience feeling), but really their humbleness and connection with their listeners. This band can really get a crowd singing along and feeling the music flowing within them. They truly make the room come alive.

They’re performing at a free live show at the Amoebe Hollywood this Thursday, March 6 at 6:00pm. Check out the details here:

To stay connected to their news and updates:

Their album is on iTunes:

Lastly, check out their awesome music video:

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