Jamie Chung in New NBC Series “Believe”

Our favorite Korean-American hottie and actress, Jamie Chung, is doing big things! Jamie plays Channing on NBC’s newest sci-fi series, “Believe”–the love child of an incredible group of directors and producers that includes J.J. Abrams (“Star Trek” and “Lost”), Bryan Burk (“Lost” and “Fringe”) and Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuarón (“Gravity.”) “Believe” is about a young girl, Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), who is equipped with special powers like telekinesis and predicting the future, as well as a small group named the True Believers who must shield her from those who try to exploit her powers.

Jamie’s character, Channing, is a security specialist whose job is to protect Bo from a wicked and malevolent organization called Orchestra. Bo is now 10 years old and her special abilities have grown as she matured. It is Channing’s duty to stay one step ahead of the Orchestra, which requires her to take on some seriously dangerous assignments and be ready to fight at any given time.

A San Francisco native, Jamie was attending UC Riverside when she was scouted to be on the MTV reality show “The Real World: San Diego.” After catapulting to fame, she has been making her mark in film and fashion. She has starred in feature films like “Sorority Row” and “The Hangover Part II” and built a sizeable fan base through her fashion blog and social media profiles. Jamie’s role in “Believe” is an impressive milestone in her career and we are proud to see her grace our TVs every Sunday night.

Packed with eye-catching special effects and supernatural elements, “Believe” has already pulled in millions of viewers. The show currently airs every Sunday, 9/8c on NBC. Make sure you check it out!


(Photo credit: www.Jamie-Chung.us)

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