Teen Top Flies into the City of Angels

Teen Top kicked off their first world tour in the US on March 23rd, 2014 in New York City. Next, they performed in Los Angeles on March 25th, continued onto San Jose on March 28th, and ended in Toronto on March 30th. Unlike other K-pop shows, this concert went through a crowd funding process, called Krowdpop, by fans from all over. Krowdpop is a new system brought to the public by Kpop United that allows fans to vote which city gets to host a concert by their favorite K-pop artist. Teen Top almost wasn’t able to perform in the US or Canada, but fans came together to fund the concert before the deadline.

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Having seen Teen Top perform live at KCON 2013, this was my second time seeing the group in Los Angeles. Fans, a majority of them Super Angel VIP ticket holders, started lining up around nine in the morning for the fan-signing event at four in the afternoon. I hadn’t realized there were so many Teen Top fans in Los Angeles, but after noticing the number of fans waiting in line, I wanted to know more about them. A fan from Idaho said she found Teen Top videos online through YouTube. Many other fans responded the same way, while others said they learned of the group through friends. One fan was introduced to them through KCON’s concert and said she has been hooked ever since. Many were pleased with the new Krowdpop system of concerts, although a couple said they originally thought it was a scam because of having to pay for the ticket before the concert was confirmed. However, they were happy in the end that the show pulled through.

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At four, the fan signing for the Super Angel VIP ticket holders began and at six, doors to the concert officially opened. Fans quickly bustled in, chattering excitedly about the impending show. Curtains opened at seven and Teen Top started the show with “Rocking.” The concert was filled with energetic performances of upbeat songs, along with adorable and funny moments as Teen Top endearingly struggled with their English and showed some “aegyo” to the crowd. The highlight of the concert was the sheer number of English covers they performed, such as James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” and Jeff Bernat’s “Call You Mine,” which left many fans in awe and in tears. A special surprise for attendees occurred when Teen Top performed a new sweet, moving ballad written by one of the members, L. Joe, entitled “Love You.” Another standout performance was Teen Top’s “Rock Star,” which was originally sung by members C.A.P and L. Joe featuring ElectroBoyz’s Maboos. For the show, Changjo took over Maboos’ parts and rocked the stage with his band mates.

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Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and they capped the concert with “Miss Right.” Fans stayed after the performance to cheer for an encore. The boys returned to the stage, wearing their tour t-shirts while performing Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” and Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Good Time.” Then Teen Top officially closed the show with their song “Crazy.” However, the night wasn’t over for VIP ticket holders as they went to the hi-touch event with the boys. After the event, many fans were crying or jumping for joy from seeing their favorite idols up close. Teen Top did an amazing job that night, getting the crowd pumped and keeping everyone on their feet the entire concert. The group will continue their first world tour, making stops in throughout Europe this month.

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