Harry Shum Jr. Launches Tenth+Fourth

Actor and dancer extraordinaire, Harry Shum Jr., has a new website in store, which was launched on April 7.  The website, Tenth+Fourth, is a collaborative effort between Shum and Digital Media Management.  Its goal is to showcase and feature content regarding technology, fashion, and culture.

Aside from being known as the guy playing the character Mike Chang on the TV show Glee, Shum is also well known as a tech-savvy individual.  In an interview with USA Today, he explained how the site is “basically an extension of [himself] in introducing cool things [he] finds into the universe.”

Already, several posts went online since the website’s launch. The posts vary from guys rocking floral print attire to Fuji Instax Cameras fanatics to tech projects currently being funded on IndieGoGo.

I look forward to visiting that website on a daily and I hope you’ll consider so too!

Photo source: twitter.com/tenthandfourth

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