KRNFX, DANakaDAN, Style 2 Kill, and More to Celebrate LA Korean Culture at Beats Bistro This Sunday

This Sunday, April 27, in Los Angeles, Kollaboration is co-presenting Beats Bistro – LA Seoul, a celebration of LA’s Korean culture at the Troubadour with live music from KRNFX and DanakaDan plus a special food menu prepared by Kokio Chicken.

Beats Bistro explores the different cultures within Los Angeles by way of their music, performance, and cuisine. Each installment takes its theme from a local scene and puts representatives on the stage and in the kitchen of the iconic Troubadour. The series as a whole spotlights the quality and diversity of talent in two of the art forms LA does best.

Don’t miss electrifying performances by alt hip-hop artist DANakaDAN and world-renowned beatboxer KRNFX, plus special guests and a taste of LA’s twist on Korean food from Kokio Chicken.

VIP tickets include an exclusive pre-concert reception featuring additional dishes by the chef and a hosted bar in The Loft at The Troubadour from 7 to 8 pm.

**A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to benefit The Art of the Brain. The Art of the Brain raises money for Dr. Timothy Cloughsey’s groundbreaking neuro-oncology program, generates public awareness of brain cancer, and spotlights the talent, strength, and courage of brain cancer patients.**


DANakaDAN (DanMathews) is an alternative hip-hop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Stuntman is his first solo album that chronicles his very personal journey of identity, family, adoption, and addiction. It was inspired by a trip to Korea during the summer of 2013 where he first met his biological family (including a twin brother he never knew). The album is a companion piece to “aka DAN,” a documentary series appearing on Hulu, ISAtv’s YouTube channel, and the Arirang TV Network.

Style 2 Kill

Style 2 Kill (S2K) established in 2010, is an all female performing arts project originally inspired by the beautiful and sassy dance form of Waacking. S2K since, has grown into a project that encompasses different dance backgrounds and style from the choreographers and dancers in S2K. We are here to share our prospective on expressing your own style because a person is not defined by one but by many, taken & developed to become the style of dance that only they are the masters of. We are women who are strong individuals in and outside of dancing as we express this in our fierce, yet classy and feminine style. We are not only dancers but students, leaders, role models, the dreamers and do-ers. “What it comes down to is the style you possess. We’ve all got a style. A style to kill”


Terry Im aka KRNFX grew up in a world surrounded by music. At a very early age he remembers being hugely influenced by music, and some of his first memories are of him mimicking his father’s piano playing and singing. However, nothing inspired him and kept his attention quite like the drum set did. The endless possibilities of different rhythms and combinations of sounds captured KRNFX to such a degree, that when there was no drum set to bang on, he would imitate the sounds of the drums with his mouth. And this is how KRNFX began beatboxing. He is now one of top beatboxers in the world.

Ruth & The Brothers K

Ruth and the Brothers K are three siblings of the soul. After growing separately, they met and found that they belong together like the sky, moon, and stars. They play music exploring transparent brokenness, truth, and love in forms recognized by the human ear as mixtures of soul, pop, and funk. Join them on their journey!


Most people know DJ Zo as the official tour DJ for Parker (Dumbfoundead). The Virginia-transplant knows how to bring out the best in the emcee and their live show chemistry is comparable to watching a young Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, except the ratchet Asian version. On the solo tip, Zo can be found killing parties all over Los Angeles and recording face-melting promos for brands like Native Instruments.

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