Will Yun Lee Joins ‘True Blood’ Cast

HBO recently announced that Will Yun Lee has been casted for a major recurring role on the final season of the supernatural drama, True Blood.

Will Yun Lee in True Blood

Lee most recently co-starred in The Wolverine as Harada and starred in the American-Korean dance film Make Your Move, in which K-pop star BoA plays the female lead.

For True Blood, Lee will be playing the villainous role of Mr. Gus, a Japanese businessman and cowboy living in Texas with a thirst for revenge.  The supernatural creature Mr. Gus will become is still a mystery, but for a show with a cast full of vampires, werewolves, fairies, and shapeshifters, we can only hope to be surprised.  My personal guess is a chupacabra due to the numerous supposed sightings in Texas over the past decade.  How cool would it be to see Will Yun Lee act as a chupacabra?

True Blood will return for its final season on June 22 at 9/8c.

(Source: Deadline)

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