10 Asian American Fashion Bloggers to Follow

As the domains of art and culture continue to find their place online, fashion continues to evolve into a communal art form.  In many ways, fashion is now becoming more accessible, less elitist, and easier to follow thanks to the fashion bloggers who have fostered this intimate community online.

In particular, the community of Asian American fashion bloggers has grown considerably—and refreshingly so, especially when Asians continuously struggle today to break the bamboo ceiling.  Here are 10 Asian-American fashion bloggers (and vloggers) who are representing the AAPI community in style.

1. Aimee Song of Song of Style

aimee songPhoto Credit: songofstyle.com

With over 100,000 followers on Bloglovin, Aimee Song is one of the most reputed bloggers in the fashion world today.  It’s no surprise when her effortless chic style is not only easy on the eyes but also easy to emulate.  Her blog isn’t strictly limited to clothing as Aimee is also an interior designer, making her blog a go-to place for closet and living room envy.

2. Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

Rumi NeelyPhoto Credit: fashiontoast.com

As one of the most recognizable names in the blogosphere, Rumi Neely has been blogging since 2008 and has since then become the most followed blogger on Bloglovin.  Rumi—who is of Japanese, Scottish, and Dutch descent—was named ‘Blogger of the Year’ in the 2011 Bloglovin Awards and has partnered with notable brands including Free People and RVCA.  She’s often seen globetrotting with her best friend Bryanboy, who is also featured on this list.

3. Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy NguyenPhoto Credit: wendyslookbook.com

Wendy Nguyen is, in short, inspiring.  She’s a UC Berkeley graduate now based in Los Angeles, who is not only a fashion aficionado but also a strong advocate for juvenile justice.  She regularly volunteers at juvenile detention centers and InsideOutWriters, a non-profit that provides guidance to former incarcerated youths.  Her aesthetic channels her career-mindedness, thus her blog is a mix of business professional and city chic.

4. Olivia Lopez of Lusttforlife

Olivia LopezPhoto Credit: lusttforlife.com

Olivia Lopez’s blog chronicles practically every dream vacation you’ve ever had. Lopez is a Los Angeles native of Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish descent whose easygoing yet sophisticated taste lends itself to nomadic tendencies, as she travels everywhere from Hawaii to Santorini to Tokyo.  Her eclectic style has caught the attention of a similarly versatile audience from fashion hubs like WhoWhatWear and Refinery29 to online news websites like The Huffington Post.

5. Peter Adrian of The Hobbyists

peter adrianPhoto Credit: sudarsobros.blogspot.com

It’s hard to not liken Peter Adrian to Ryan Gosling, or any other swoon-worthy celebrity.  For that matter, his infectious charm is aptly coupled with a simple, natural eye for menswear.  The Chinese-American blogger (who’s also an aspiring actor) runs The Hobbyists with his brother Yoshi Sudarso, who shares Peter’s performer genes and works as a stunt double and coordinator for movies.

6. Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor

Photo Credit: thechrisellefactor.com

Chriselle Lim is living every aspiring fashionista’s dream.  Equipped with a degree from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Lim runs her own fashion consulting company (Chriselle Inc.) while serving as the Editor-in-Chief of GENLUX Magazine.  Her personal-style blog The Chriselle Factor shows us how to dress like a boss, in both the professional and aesthetic sense.

7. Bryan Yambao of Bryanboy

Photo Credit: Bryanboy.com

Bryan Yambao, better known as Bryanboy, is the definition of fierce.  In addition to his bold style, you’ll enjoy his witty, critical writing that challenges the fashion industry and pop-culture.  His fearlessness has garnered the attention of Marc Jacobs, The New York Times, and Teen Vogue, who have all featured the blogger on their respective websites.

8. Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters

Jenny Im of ClothesencounterPhoto Credit: clothesencounters.tumblr.com

If you’re not already one of the 1,000,000+ subscribers that follow Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters on YouTube, then it’s time for you to join the club.  With videos that will help you do anything from learning how to thrift to dressing for every occasion, Jenn Im is YouTube’s ultimate trendsetter who can pull off nearly everything and shows you how you can, too.

9. Eugénie Grey of Feral Creature

Eugenie GreyPhoto Credit: Jeff Fernandez

With her signature gray hair and geometric tattoos, Eugénie Grey is easily one of the coolest bloggers out there.  Her 90s grunge aesthetic is met with her penchant for bold, futuristic details, effectively juxtaposing old and new.  Grey describes her style as “never safe,” but judging from the attention she’s gotten from Nylon Magazine and Vogue Italia, many of us are willing to take the risk.

10. Tommy Lei of MYBELONGING

mybelongingPhoto Credit: Martin Angulo

Tommy Lei is the “principal storyteller” behind MYBELONGING, which he runs with his partner Martin Angulo.  Dedicated to showcasing brands and styles that represent his sophisticated, international readership, Tommy’s wardrobe is both experimental and accessible, mixing high-end luxury brands with urban streetwear.

Who’s your favorite Asian American fashion blogger and/or vlogger?  Let us know in the comments below!

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