9 Things We Learned from Gowe’s Reddit AMA

Seattle hip hop artist Gordon Tsai, better known as Gowe, recently held a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) for his fans on April 13.

Most of the fan questions revolved around his music, but a few focused on Gowe’s unique upbringing as a Korean adoptee raised by a Chinese-American family. It wasn’t until Gowe was 18 years-old that he found out he was adopted, and it was through his music that he was able to express his experiences and feelings.

In the AMA, Gowe explained many aspects and inspirations to his music, life and his latest album Music Beautiful. Here are the top 9 things readers learned from Gowe’s AMA.

1) His stage name Gifted on West East represents his love of east and west coast hip-hop as well as his gratitude for his gift of talent



2) He still identifies with Chinese culture but enjoys discovering his Korean roots and is fascinated by the Asian American experience


3) Discovering he was adopted after 18 years was a real shock


4) He is currently searching for his birth mother, status pending


5) His goal is to use his music to encourage his listeners to think deeper and be agents of positive change


6) He follows some awesome people from the APA music community (and you should too)


7) Gowe is inspired by life


8) Music Beautiful songs helped Gowe work through some dark times


9) He’s a proud UW Husky and Kollaboration alum


Thanks for sharing Gowe, and for the Kollaboration shoutout. Look forward to bright things in your future.

You can find Gowe’s music, including his new album Music Beautiful, at https://gowe.bandcamp.com/ as well as Amazon and iTunes.

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