3 Asian-American Authors on the Rise

3 Asian-American Authors On the Rise

If ten years ago you asked me to name an Asian-American author, my only answer would have been Amy Tan. She wrote the best-selling novel, The Joy Luck Club, about four Chinese American immigrant families in San Francisco. It came out in 1989—that’s a quarter of a century ago.

In recent years, however, more and more Asian-American writers have emerged from the woodwork and made a name for themselves by sharing their unique stories with the world. Let me tell you about a few authors who are currently doing just that!

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Run River North Performs at the Troubadour


On Monday March 3, Run River North (formerly known as Monsters Calling Home) performed live at the Troubadour. The show sold-out once again for the second time. The Prowling Kind, a band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, opened up for Run River North, and indeed the music from both bands were amazing.

Run River North is made up of six Korean-Americans Alex Hwang, Daniel Chae, Jennifer Rim, Joseph Chun, John Chong and Sally Kim. The band first entered my radar when they performed at the 2011 Kollaboration Los Angeles show held at the Nokia Theater. While they were not the winners of the show, their sound was hard to forget. From then, the band has done very well for themselves and made impressive accomplishments from going on tour and opening for Anberlin, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, being picked up by label company Nettwerk Music Group to releasing their debut album!

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4 Badass Asian Females Breaking Double Stereotypes

While we often see the quiet, submissive Asian-female stereotype portrayed in the media, Mnet America’s new show ‘Alpha Girls’ is a refreshing documentary series following the lives of four female industry leaders kicking ass in non-traditional career paths: model Soo Joo Park (@soojoopark), hip-hop illustrator Mina Kwon (@MINAKWON), DJ and producer TOKiMONSTA (@TOKiMONSTA) and fashion designer Miss Lawn (@misslawn), founder and creative director of the label Hellz Bellz.

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Welcome to the Blog

Kollaboration LA

We have all thought about it at one time or another: why are there not more Asian-Pacific American voices in the media? Well, it is time for our voices to be heard! Kollaboration is officially launching this blog as a part of our ongoing effort to promote APA visibility in the media. This blog will serve as a positive yet critical space for passionate writers to use their voices to create conversations on issues and topics most pertinent to the APA community. We hope to contribute to the continuing conversations and engagements of today’s happenings.

Given that our issues rarely receive mass media coverage, we believe it is up to ourselves to take the lead in empowering our community to create change. Our blog will celebrate the many accomplishments made by APA figures by starting conversations centered around various topics in music, film, television, fashion, and more.

Join us on this journey as we discuss, share, and learn.

We all have a voice—now let’s use it.


Michelle & Lee
Kollaboration Blog Editors

Welcome to Kollaboration 2014

Hello & WELCOME to Kollaboration!

In 2014, we are taking our movement to the next level to inspire and support our API artists, leaders, and community. In our 15th year, we are going full force to live out our core values of people, artistry, and empowerment.

Our website is still under construction. Please keep an eye out for our blog & updated features!

We are currently accepting AUDITION applications for our 2014 city competitions.

THANK YOU for your support!

Empowerment Through Entertainment

Christine Minji Chang
Executive Director