Why I Love Clara C’s New Video “Things Untold”

Clara C just released the official video for her new song “Things Untold,” putting her enticing vocals and adorable personality on display once again for our viewing pleasure. The video is a montage of Clara’s blissful and heartwarming moments with her friends, which goes perfectly with the song’s message of making memories while feeling alive. She and her friends dance in a car. They play mini golf. They don’t care about the gloomy weather outside, and they certainly don’t need money, fame, or even sunshine to have a good time. To create lasting memories, all you need are friendship and positive vibes.

Clara’s new video shows aspiring female entertainers that they don’t need to adhere to the cultural norm of showing skin or objectifying their bodies in order to get attention. True feminine beauty comes from within. Clara’s rambunctious personality and immeasurable confidence—with a little help from her heart-melting smile—light up the screen. And personally, I couldn’t stop watching.


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