John Cho cast as lead for ABC comedy series “Selfie”

Known as Harold from “Harold and Kumar” and the newest Hikaru Sulu in the “Star Trek” reboots by J.J. Abrams, Korean-American John Cho was recently cast as the second-lead in a new ABC comedy.

“Selfie,” will loosely follow the musical My Fair Lady as the show’s story centers around social-media addict Eliza Dooley (“Doctor Who’s” Karen Gillian) and her downfall after her split with her boyfriend goes viral. Now she gets “likes” and followers for all the wrong reasons and needs help rebranding her image.

Cue Cho’s character Henry, an accomplished marketing adviser attracted to the challenge of fixing up Eliza’s reputation. Henry’s expertise on the social media takeover in today’s lives gives him the best know-how and skills to fix Eliza’s troubled situation.

Others who are cast for the series include: Allyn Rachel, Tim Peper, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and David Harewood, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter on Mar. 13. The pilot was written by Selfie’s creator Emily Kapnek (also the creator of fellow ABC comedy “Suburgatory”) and will be directed by Julie Anne Robinson (director of the “The Last Song” movie based off Nicholas Sparks’ book). No announcements yet on when they will begin filming or when they plan to release the pilot.

Wishing John Cho all the best in his new comedy series!


(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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