Lisa Ling Explores America on CNN Primetime

Lisa Ling small

Award-winning journalist Lisa Ling will host a new show on CNN exploring and profiling unusual subcultures in the States. According to Capital, Ling’s show will be one of the featured series on CNN’s summer lineup, alongside Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” and Morgan Spurlock’s “Inside Man.” The news source reports, “Each episode delves into an alternative sect of everyday life, giving viewers an inside look at some of America’s most unconventional segments of society.”

Ling’s upcoming series seems to closely resemble her Emmy award-winning show “Our America” which played on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, as it will also be produced by the same production company part2pictures. “Our America” was one of the first programs on the OWN channel where Ling explored various aspects of American life and hard-hitting topics like meth addiction, gun violence, and criminal informants. After five seasons of “Our America,” Ling will begin her show on CNN.

CNN has yet to release the title and time slot for Ling’s documentary series. “Our America” has already wrapped up and currently Ling continues to contribute to ABC News “Nightline” and CNN.

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