My Top 10 Favorite Nasim Pedrad Moments

After spending five years on Saturday Night Live, Nasim Pedrad left the show to co-star in Fox’s upcoming sitcom Mulaney.  To give her a warm send-off, we’ve compiled some of Pedrad’s best SNL moments.

Born in Iran, Pedrad is the first West Asian cast member on SNL in its 39 seasons, and she’s definitely made her mark since joining the cast in 2009.  She is best known for her Kim Kardashian impression on the spoof segment “Waking Up With Kimye,” which was one of the many impersonations she used for her SNL audition.  Below are some of my personal top 10 favorite impressions, sketches, and characters from the lovely Pedrad:

10. Hu Jintao’s Interpreter


Mild yellow face aside, this cold open brings up an important political topic, and more importantly, Pedrad retains a solid monotone throughout Bill Hader’s speech without relying on a racist accent.

9. Romantic Comedy Parody Trailer with Justin Timberlake


In this mock rom-com movie trailer for “She’s Got a D!%k,”Pedrad’s sweet face nails the generic role of An Adorable Brunette.

8. Tippy


It’s too bad this character never came back because Nasim nailed the role of comedy killer perfectly.  Tippy is like a grown up version of Bedelia.

7) “Live with Kelly and Michael


You gotta love it when Pedrad portrays over-the-top bubbly characters.  Her big eyes and petite frame really sell her Kelly Rippa in this cold open.

6. Ruth’s Chris restaurant (the virgin waiters)


Pedrad doesn’t star in this sketch, but her physical comedy skills add to the awkward hilarity.

5. Shallon


This confident troublemaker never means any harm, but she knows she had to do “WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THAT CANDY.”  After only three appearances, it’s a shame to say goodbye to this character.

4. First Date (with Seth McFarlene)


This sketch showed off Pedrad’s amazing voice talents opposite the famous voice actor Seth McFarlene.  Pedrad stays upbeat, natural, and quick on her feet.

3. Bedelia


How awesome was this kid who refused to be a kid?  Bedelia’s enthusiasm for her parents was endearing, and Pedrad seems to have a knack for playing characters with awkward quirks.  Pedrad kept her cool even when host Alex Baldwin got her name wrong.

2. Office Crying (to Adele’s “Someone Like You”)


Pedrad kicks off this first-world pity party, and it’s glorious.

1. Arianna Huffington


That accent. Those nicknames for Seth. That quick-witted commentary. How can Pedrad leave us like this? The 2016 elections are coming up and we need her.

Here’s to hoping that Mulaney becomes a success for Pedrad as well as the rest of the cast.  I’m personally looking forward to her returning to the show as a new host.

Source: Buzzfeed | Vulture

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