Spotlight: Ang & Glo, Kollaboration Detriot′s Winner

Motown. What does this word represent? It represents a movement filled with soul, change, and Detroit.

Born and raised thirty minutes away from each other, two young aspiring Asian-American artists, Angelina Jeong and Gloria Kim, had no idea of the potential that they had in the music industry. Ever since elementary school the two girls were almost inseparable, utilizing their common interest in music as the focal point to develop their sister-like bonds. From guitar to piano, singing to composing, they worked with each other to perfect their harmonization and accompaniment, eventually posting their videos onto Facebook and YouTube.


With the support of friends and family, Angelina and Gloria tried out for Kollaboration Detroit’s 4th Annual show. There was a wide variety of contenders, from vocalists to dancers, soloists to duets, but they easily won the hearts of the directors with their spot-on harmonies and bubbly personalities. This year’s show was at Ann Arbor with six finalists, three judges, and one winner. The two friends performed as the last finalists for the night. After a quick heart-felt introduction of themselves, they debuted their song, More Like You. Two out of three of the judges voted the two ladies as their first picks, and they did not hold back their thoughts to the third judge about why they think the duet deserves the title of Kollaboration Detroit’s 2014 winners. “They’re young, talented, and have a bright future ahead”, explained one of the judges, “they do have some areas in which they can improve, but personality is not something you can teach”.

Not only did the girls receive a trophy but also a  free two hour recording session at Jordan Mac Studios. Now all that is left is to vote team AnGlo into Kollaboration Star, and watch proudly as the world fangirls over this generation’s newest Asian-American sensations!

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-Writteb by Kollaboration Detriot staff: Howard Liou


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