Join the Movement – Kollaboration 2015 Global Staff Recruitment

What does it take to put on a Kollaboration? It takes a team of special individuals who come together to create something truly amazing. From producing exciting live events, to creating dazzling pieces of digital media, Kollaboration Staff members are constantly working on something impressive, and ultimately important.

After all, Kollaboration teams are on the ground supporting Asian American communities all across the continent, highlighting the diverse talents of our community while empowering our youth to pursue their passions! Now in our 16th year, Kollaboration is poised to grow again in 2015, and we’re looking for new team members to grow with us!

If you currently live in one of our recruiting cities, now is your chance to become an official part of Kollaboration! We’re looking for students and professionals experienced in (or interested in) production, marketing, public relations, graphic design, video, and even web development to help bring Kollaboration into the next level.


Here’s what current Staff have to say about their experiences:

“The profound and humbling feeling of fulfillment knowing you made a meaningful impact in the community, whether it’s through artist empowerment or staff mentorship. That is the Kollaboration experience to me.”
Eunice Jang, Kollaboration Chicago

“Kollaboration truly opened my eyes to Asian American culture and allowed me to explore my identity as an Asian American… I’m amazed by the powerful network Kollaboration represents, including successful and famous entertainers who are at the forefront of this electrifying movement. I truly feel a part of the Kollaboration family.”
Ted Yu, Kollaboration Dallas

“Prior to joining Kollaboration I was taking a year off from school and working a job in order to find out what I wanted to do. After joining Kollaboration I was surrounded by business professionals and college students that wanted to make a difference. Because of Kollaboration’s network I was able to gain an internship at one of the best media companies. My experience as a Programming Associate has really put me [on] the front line when running events and promoting. I am happy to be with this family for my 3rd year.”
Jonathan Saquisili, Kollaboration New York


Ready to join the Movement? Find your city below and fill out a staff application!
Kollaboration Atlanta
Kollaboration Chicago –
Kollaboration Detroit
Kollaboration D.C.
Kollaboration Honolulu
Kollaboration Houston –
Kollaboration Los Angeles
Kollaboration New York –
Kollaboration San Francisco
Kollaboration Toronto

There will be an official announcement later, but we are currently seeking founding members for a new team in Austin, Texas
Kollaboration Austin

The following cities are not actively recruiting, but you can inquire about volunteer opportunities
Kollaboration Boston –
Kollaboration Dallas –

Don’t have a local Kollaboration team in your city but still want to get involved with the Movement? Email us at!

Photos Courtesy of Kollaboration New York, Kollaboration DC, Kollaboration Boston, and Kollabortion STAR

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