Kina Grannis Starts Prepping Fans for Sophomore Album

If you’re like me, you may find waiting for May 6th to be an agonizing task. That’s how long I, along with the rest of the Kinetics (the nickname for Kina Grannis fans), have to wait until her sophomore album “Elements” drops.

The Mondays of the past several months have been graced as Kina Mondays, when the 2009 Kollaboration LA competitor would upload a new video onto her YouTube channel covering a song of her choice. It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day when, after a week of dropping hints on her Instagram account, she announced the title of her new album and the release date.

Since the announcement, Grannis not only released a teaser trailer for the album (featuring the good kind of chilling vocals overlapping footage of recording sessions), she’s also made the first single “The Fire” available on iTunes. In addition, she has posted a live performance of another song called “My Own” featuring her sisters, she unveiled her second single “Dear River” exclusively on Glamour, and on March 14 she released the first episode of “Making the Album.”

Grannis has also announced a mini tour this spring to promote her albums release, and while tickets for Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York have already been sold out, the show dates for Washington D.C., Chicago and Boston are still available. If you reside in or near any of these cities, buy your tickets now!

With surprises and treats being released between now and that distant future release date, I find them making the wait more tolerable. In fact, Grannis is making me even more excited for her album as I start getting a feel for what her new songs will sound like!

Be sure to give “The Fire” a listen and don’t forget to subscribe to Grannis on her official YouTube channel.

(Photo Source: Creative Commons)

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