Jubilee Project & Jeremy Lin’s “Lost for Words” Speaks of Love

When words fail, actions speak. I don’t want to hate; I want to speak love.

Jubilee Project recently joined forces with Houston Rockets basketball player Jeremy Lin to create “Lost For Words” – a story about showing acts of love and service to those around us and paying it forward.

Written and directed by Jason Lee, “Lost for Words” starts with a new student at school, Ka Nyaw (Klo Lay Pla), and his struggle to adjust to his new life at school. He is later helped by his mentor (Jeremy Lin), who meets with him after school to read The Giver. Although Ka Nyaw at first does not interact with him much, Lin continues to dedicate his time and effort to help him.

According to the YouTube description, the short film was actually inspired by a true story, where a young Burmese refugee conquers challenges in his life with the help of a mentor. He eventually goes on to help somebody else in need as well. Jubilee Project decided to produce “Lost for Words” to support the Jeremy Lin Foundation as well as PAIR Houston, an organization that works with refugee youth and the winner of last year’s Making A Difference campaign.

This is truly one of the most heartwarming videos I have seen in recent memory. If you would like to join the Acts of Love Campaign, please go to the Jeremy Lin Foundation website and use the hastag #ActsofLove.

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