‘Crush the Skull’ Launches Kickstarter for Feature Film

Love horror films?  Paranoid that one day you’ll be murdered by a serial killer?  Well, good news!  Filmmakers Viet Ngyuen and Christopher Dinh are making a feature-length version of their famed YouTube, comedy-horror short Crush the Skull.

Now, you may recognize Chris Dinh from Wong Fu shorts or be familiar with Nguyen’s viral sketch, Ninja Say What?!.  The duo has been working together on multiple projects over the years and is finally embarking on making their first feature-length film.

According to its Kickstarter page, Crush the Skull, the feature, can be summed up as “burglars vs. serial killer.”  It is a hybrid of the Dinh and Nguyen’s award-winning short films Crush the Skull and Things You Don’t Joke About.

On top of gaining over a million views on YouTube, the short Crush the Skull and its sequel Crush the Skull 2 were screened at numerous film festivals and received a couple awards, most notably Best Short Film at the NBC Shortcuts Festival.  Whereas, Things You Don’t Joke About won the Audience Award at Florida Film Festival, Mnet Short Notice 2012, and the Vietnamese International Film Festival.

While Crush the Skull, the short, is a dark parody of a roadside-serial-killer horror, the feature version gives a witty spin on the classic cabin-in-the-woods trope.  The feature follows the story of Ollie and Blair – a young couple who happen to be burglars for a living.  In an attempt to pay off their debts, Blair and Ollie decide to do one last job at a secluded house in the mountains.  However, once the couple and their burglary crew break in, they discover that the house is a vicious death trap and find themselves trapped inside with an unseen serial killer.

Regarding the film’s tone, the creators stated that it is “a clever, dark, and gruesome story that will bring thrills and laughs and frights… It’s a fun movie – one that winks at the audience but never insults its intelligence.”

The Kickstarter campaign is open until Wed, May 28th at 9:00PM PDT with a goal set at $75,000.  To learn more about the project, check out the Kickstarter page here!

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