Hana Kim Releases “Caravan” LIVE Music Video

Hana Kim, singer-songwriter and Kollaboration L.A. 2013 alumna, released an enchanting live performance music video of her song “Caravan.”  The video was shot by KCM Media and is set in a whimsical clearing in the woods with sunlight glimmering through the treetops.  Hana’s soulful voice echoes as she sings the haunting melody while playing on her keyboard, accompanied by her guitarist Eugene Choi. 

There is something dark and fairytale-like in “Caravan” that seems to draw weary, lost listeners and comfort them in an embrace of pathos.  The chorus practically beckons one to come home after a long and heartbreaking journey.  The idea isn’t too much of a stretch.  After all, the word “caravan” means a group of travelers journeying across the harsh desert together.  One must wonder if the song draws from Hana’s own musical journey and experiences in her many travels, such as her trip to Paraguay where she taught music for 6 months.

To buy and download “Caravan” or to check out more of Hana Kim’s songs, check out her YouTube channel or the iTunes store!

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