AJ Rafael Plays ‘Matchmaker’ in New Music Video

AJ Rafael makes his debut as cupid in his latest music video “Matchmaker,” which recently premiered on ISAtv’s YouTube Channel.

The music video takes place at a party – to be more specific, a series of various, awesome theme parties!  Joined by his band, AJ Rafael serenades his partygoers by first taking it back to the 90’s, then shifting gears to a gothic soiree, and later to a fun beach party accompanied by inflatable balls and swimsuits.  As the song winds down, the set returns to a typical house party.

AJ Matchmaker

With each theme party, AJ plays “matchmaker” and uses his sweet voice to bring couples together.  It’s as if his song dispels the tension and awkwardness among shy lovers and brings everyone together for some fun times and good tunes.  Totally wish I was invited to the party!

To buy and download “Matchmaker” by AJ Rafael, check out the iTunes store for his latest EP titled Beautiful Escape, complete with five awesome tracks!

(Photo source: ISAtv)

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