Spotlight: DRC Beatbox, Kollaboration San Francisco’s Winner

What he called weird noises, the audience eventually called music.

DRC stole the San Francisco showcase on August 23rd without having to say much. If you closed your eyes, you could’ve imagined yourself at an EDM show, an underground hip-hop performance, a club. But what you saw in front of you was a man and a mic. The sound clarity, the feel of the bass, the musicality – all felt unreal; something that was hard to believe came out of a human body.


It was something special, and had a tint of magic to it. DRC won the show that night, but the bigger win was an audience that was left feeling a mix of intrigue and inspiration.

DRC Beatbox (also known as Danny Cavero) started beatboxing when he was 12 years old, after being inspired by Rahzel’s “If Your Mother Only Knew.” His sound is a mix of electronic, dubstep and new school hip-hop. After practicing and playing around for a couple years, he began taking things more seriously in college – competing in several national competitions.

As an artist, Danny wants to change the perception of beatboxing. What the audience typically sees in mainstream television and media doesn’t do enough to highlight the artistry behind the craft. He hopes what he does can introduce people to a new way of experiencing the performance, and a new way of thinking about it.

If you missed it, check out his winning performance below!



Written by Kevin Fu, Kollaboration SF Public Relations Manager

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