SPOTLIGHT: THE PRIMARIES, Kollaboration LA 14 Winners

The Primaries are a collective of nine UCLA music majors who met at a rehearsal on campus about two years ago. In that short time, they’ve developed a complex, nuanced sound that pulls from several different genres—including pop, R&B, rock, and jazz—as well as their different cultural and musical backgrounds. Their key player Alan, for example, is originally from Chile, but Chili Corder, their guitarist, is not… Even though his name is Chili. Anyhow, the band has pieced together smooth, sensual jams with both innovative and vintage elements, making them a sight for sore-eyes in an industry filled with carbon-copies.

When asked to describe the band, lead vocalist Ryan Yoo stated, “Our group is a bunch of weird dudes with some weird interests, but the main thing we do is make music… and study.”

LA - The Primaries v2

The Primaries often improvise—both musically and comically—during their sets, reflecting their eccentric personalities, free-flowing style, and eclectic musical influences. At the most recent Kollaboration LA showcase, the guys blindfolded and hogtied themselves with colorful ribbons while performing the song “Whiskey Sour”, which they’d written just hours before the show. To win with an improvised set like that reflects how skilled and confident they are as musicians. They also radiate positive energy and have gregarious stage personalities to match—something that can’t be taught, even at UCLA.

With avant-garde style and natural showmanship, The Primaries are a sure favorite to take home the gold at this year’s Kollaboration Star.

Band Members:

Ryan Yoo –Vocals and Guitar

Chili Corder – Guitar

Joe Kwon – Alto Sax

Michael Liao – Tenor Sax

Masai Marcelin – Trombone

J Johnson – Bass

Alan McDonnell – Keys

Zach Ramacier – Trumpet

Sally Chung – Nothing, but she’s still in the band

Nick Velez – Drums


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