Hollywood’s Dream Cast for ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Named a must-read by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Guardian, Kevin Kwan’s 2013 debut novel about a group of Singaporean elite, Crazy Rich Asians, is set to be adapted onto the big screen.

Crazy Rich Asians follows the story of Nick Young, who visits home to be the best man in his best friend’s wedding, also the social event of the year. Nick asks his long-time girlfriend, Rachel Chu, to come with him to show her where he grew up and meet his family, but fails to mention one very important fact: he, his family, and his friends are all filthy rich. Once they arrive in Singapore, drama and hilarity immediately ensue as it becomes clear that it’s Nick and Rachel against the world, or at least against a precocious circle of family and exes determined to end their relationship.

Kwan draws on his own experiences of growing up in Singapore to dramatize and sensationalize first-class Singaporean life. A fun and light read, the book brings Asian high society to life, and it’s no doubt Crazy Rich Asians, the film, will be a glitzy, bright, and exciting movie. Audrey Magazine already did their dream cast for Hollywood, but to be honest, their cast is a little unrealistic. I present to you the more highly probable dream cast for Crazy Rich Asians, Hollywood style.

Nick – Chris Evans

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Sunset Tower - Arrivals
Heir to his family fortune, this NYU history professor is remarkably good looking and often compared to Cantopop idols.

Why: Evans, known for playing Captain America, could easily pull off the down-to-earth rich boy appeal of Nick. Plus, he certainly looks like an idol.

Rachel – Mila Kunis

Fellow professor at NYU, Rachel is even more grounded than her boyfriend after having moved a lot while growing up.

Why: Like Rachel, Mila Kunis is a natural beauty. Plus she could easily pull off Rachel’s laid back demeanor while having to deal with the snobbery of Nick’s family and friends in Singapore.

Astrid – Cobie Smulders

Astrid, Nick’s cousin, is the woman to be in Singapore. An heir to dual fortunes and married to a former model, Astrid’s wardrobe determines what is the next “it” thing in Singapore fashion.

Why: Did someone say effortlessly glamorous? Smulders, a former model and current cast member on How I Met Your Mother, is the living definition of chic.

Collin – Terrance Jenkins

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Nick’s best friend and groom in the wedding of the century. Collin stresses living up the pressure of having his life planned out for him just because his family is one of the most affluent in the world.

Why: Now my dream cast can’t be entirely white, can it? I think this E! News host has the charm, friendliness, and good looks to handle the role as the man of the hour.

Araminta – Tika Sumpter

Supermodel and the future wife of Collin, Araminta strives to contend with Astrid’s social scale.

Why: Sumpter is gorgeous and would look stunning in all the designer digs Araminta is known for. Plus, she could draw on her past roles to find that bit of elite edginess lying underneath the blushing bride persona.

Peik Lin – Jaimie Chung

A college friend of Rachel’s and one of her only allies, Peik Lin’s up-beat personality helps comfort Rachel.

Why: They have to keep at least one actress Asian, and who’s an Asian actress already on American radar? Jaimie Chung, a fun, bright, talented and beautiful actress.

Eleanor – Patricia Clarkson

Patricia Clarkson
Nick’s mother only wants the best for her son, which includes not marrying the no-name Rachel.

Why: Watching her play Tammy One, the first wife of Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson, I know she’s perfect for the role. Tone down Tammy’s intensity, add a dash of fake manners, and you have Nick’s mother.

Kerry – Valerie Bertinelli

valerie bertinelli
Rachel’s single mother who earned her way through school to get her real estate licensee.

Why: Bertinelli has that motherly look and could convincingly play Kunis’ mom. Well, close enough anyway.

Oliver- Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris
Another relative in Nick’s family, Oliver stays all-knowing to every situation and a friend to Rachel. He acts in the best interests of his family and friends, always wise to people’s underlying motives.

Why: A HIMYM favorite, NPH is no fool and a good judge of character. He also knows how to play the social game, much like Oliver.

Alistair – Drake Bell

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 23rd Annual "A Time For Heroes" Celebrity Picnic - Arrivals
Another relative of Nick’s, Alistair is the youngest in his high-achieving family. In the eyes of his family, he has not amounted to much with his acting career in Hong Kong.

Why: What girl who watched Drake and Josh doesn’t miss Bell’s big brown eyes? He’s played the naive youngster before, and Bell doesn’t need to do any work to make Alistair sympathetic.

Kitty – Amanda Seyfried

A bubbly and tacky soap-opera actress, Kitty’s revealing outfits and over the top behavior have her boyfriend Alistair hooked.

Why: Kitty’s not a far stretch from Seyfried’s ditzy Karen Smith in Mean Girls, and Seyfried’s proven she can pull off Kitty’s conniving and shocking personality.

All jokes aside, let’s hope that Hollywood doesn’t white wash the cast for this movie. We can only imagine how much of a breakthrough this film would be for API talent. Hopefully, more opportunities will be available for them if the film does well in the box office.

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