Fashion Showdown at KCON Transforms LA Convention Center into Garosu-gil

To Koreans, fashion is no joke. With popular designers and brands like Jeremy  Scott, Boy London, and HIGHNOBIETY  showcasing their array of eclectic fashions in K-pop music videos and dramas, who wouldn’t want  to own these creative pieces and show off their individuality?

Lucky for fans of Korean fashion, this past weekend’s KCON transformed the LA Convention Center into our very own Garosu-gil—a popular shopping district in Seoul known for having the most fashionable clothes. Thousands of K-pop fans took this opportunity to show off and admire each other’s unique styles.

The #1 trend at the moment is without a doubt the urban, streetwear look: oversized shirts, black boots, extravagant neck chains—essentially, anything over the top. Fans of this style mostly gathered around the booth of KORE Limited, a Korean-American brand whose clothes best capture the loudness of Korean pop culture. From what I saw, the most popular items were the snapbacks, and of course, the GD “drip” shirts, two items that exude the urban, street vibe coveted by just about everyone.


But let’s not forget the cute side of Korean fashion. Frilly outfits adorned in lace, flower crowns, high-waist shorts, and even the cosplayers who poured their heart and soul into recreating their idols’ signature looks. It was great to see the cosplayers enjoy themselves by showing off their top-notch sewing skills and unwavering dedication in the cosplay contest.


Though I can’t speak for everyone, I’m very confident that a fashion show at next year’s KCON would go down as one of the most memorable parts of the event. Personally, I would love it if the aspiring designers (and models) who attend the convention can show us what they got!

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